I.M.Z. was founded appx. 40 years ago to produce LPG bottles for domestic use and LPG tanks for automotive applications; this production was integrated to include also welded storage tanks for low pressure gases.
In 1967 IMZ started the production of welded storage tanks for low pressure gases (mainly for LPG but also for chlorine, ammonia, freon etc.) and in 1976 the production of seamless cylinders for high pressure gases.
Just in seventies, I.M.Z. homologated and put into the market seamless steel cylinders for C.N.G. (compressed natural gas = methane): in fact in that period CNG became to be proposed as economical and environmental alternative to petrol by-products.
From cylindrical welded tanks, IMZ passed to design, to manufacture and to certify spherical storage tanks in two pieces, with only one circumferential welding; said tanks were produced by a hydraulic press, 3.500 ton. capacity, still working at our premises. As far as we know, I.M.Z. is the sole company in the world able to produce this model of tanks.
In the same period, on specific request of Italian MoD, we started to co-operate with Italian Ministry of Defence/ General Direction for Ammunition - Rome, to produce special ammunitions for aircrafts.

IMZ is certified AER-Q-110 (AQAP-110) by Italian MoD.
IMZ can issue its own certificates to DIN 50049-3.1.B on the basis of a certificate of accreditation issued by German TV.


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